Vacation! Vacation! Aerobic Dance Sensation!

31 08 2007

So we are here at a grand resort in the great sunshine state! I am very excited to just relax and spend some time with my wife. So excited I danced around the room in an energized aerobic dance routine…To which my wife said “I want to hit you…STOP!” This is going to be a great trip!

I am pretty sure my wife will blog about the family that is stalking us…or are we stalking them?…

Dominion By The Word 2007

28 08 2007

We have had an awesome line up this year at Dominion. This conference is not a “10 ways to grow a church” or “How to reach out to your neighbors” (although conferences like that are great). It is for the spiritual growth in the church. Very refreshing, very challenging. My Wife and I have been stretched farther than we ever have…and that is a freeing experience!

In Nancy Alcorn’s session this morning i picked up some great one liners:

On Faith for Changed Lives:

  1. “I believe Christ sat down at the right hand of the Father so we can stand up”
  2. “We can choose to overcome”
  3. “You have to ask yourself, “Who is on the other side of my obedience?””

On Faith for Direction:

  1. “Take one step at a time”
  2. “Don’t rest on your victories.”
  3. “Live in the now”

On Faith for Prevision:

  1. “You have to GO first and then He will give you what you need.
  2. “There is a process that proceeds our process”

She had a great message. But the ministry she does is amazing.

Want to Know Your Quality of Life?

28 08 2007

I once or twice heard a few people say “You can determine your quality of life by the quality of your quiet time.”

Quiet time?  Your quiet time is when you put everything aside and focus on your relationship with God.  It’s a time of prayer, reading, reflecting, meditating, worshiping…and even thinking.  For those of us in church all the time it is real easy to take this precious time for granted.

I had someone from one of the mission trips, ask if I could hold him accountable to having his quiet time.  One, that meant a lot to me, but it also held me accountable to spending my time with God.  Do you have someone to hold you accountable?  What are your thoughts?

4 08 2007

I am G rated. Please tell all your friends…and kids.

I was reading Dan Kimball’s blog when i found this

Whats your rating?