I want my car to transform!

8 07 2007

Do you ever come out of movies wanting it all to be real? The past two days I have seen two pretty cool movies.


Such a great movie! It kind of reminded me of Skateboarding videos my friends and I would watch. After the videos we would be ready to skate! Ready to take on any trick or set of stairs. Well after Ghost Rider I wanted to get on my motorcycle, tear up the street, do cess slides around moving cars and ride straight up a building…one day. The best line in the whole movie is near the end where the Caretaker says to Johnny Blaze “You got God on your side…that makes you Dangerous…unpredictable”


I felt like a kid again. I found myself holding my wife’s hand tighter during some of the fighting scenes…a sign of a great movie. When we left I tried to imagine how my 91 Saturn would look as an Autobot. So I did what any person would do looking for more after the movie…we went to Walmart. You know to get an air filter for our house and a toy transformer for my office.

I love movies that inspire you to be better…to take on the world and to have a little imagination. Entertainment is a powerful medium for change. Whether it is through music or movies, the stories help us to step out of our current routine and get us thinking differently. I think we can all be insane (doing something over and over again expecting different results) sometimes and not see a way out to move forward.



One response

9 07 2007

the action seens were great. the script was a little cheesy. read my review…

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