The War Continues!

10 12 2006

Here is an update on the uncle war.

U. Timmy turned into Jack Bauer when he came home the night of the cousin raid, we left a light on (we will get better as we go along). There were no terrorist in the house though, only saran wrap in random places. U. Timmy said there would be retaliation, but we didn’t know when. Three days later a very bad smell was coming from my car and a mystery spot showed up in my garage…the smell was horrible and getting worse. I found an 18″ catfish with nice little shrimp duct taped and lodged in my bumper. Very, very smelly. That was good Uncle Timmy.

The mystery spot (well now its not such a mystery).



2 responses

12 12 2006

wow that is so much more serious than styrophome peanuts and mass garland. I feel like a wuss.

31 01 2009
Time to Go off Air « Jamie Tobler

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