Stepping Closer

27 12 2006

In order to step out side of yourself, your current position, your fears, your short comings, anything that holds you back from moving forward, you have to step closer to God. This is where you will find your strength (Psalm 18:39) and who you really are (Jeremiah 29:11) so you can be apart of changing the destiny of mankind. If you are a follower of Christ then you really can’t get any closer than that, because he is now living on the inside of you. What I am talking about is understanding Gods character and His promises. Getting to a place where you are not just knowing about your faith but understanding your faith and learning to accept the way that God created the earth. To really believe and act on what you know. Once we understand that God wants us to succeed and is helping us to succeed then we can begin to step out of our current position and step forward with our lives.

*An important note from the author*

In order for you to even step closer to God you have to understand that your stepping out and stepping forward with your life is not for you anymore, its for the ones who are not following Christ but trying to find their way out of the darkness alone. If this whole process is done without God, and you die, all the work you did was in vain (Psalm 127:1), and will end when you end.

The War Continues!

10 12 2006

Here is an update on the uncle war.

U. Timmy turned into Jack Bauer when he came home the night of the cousin raid, we left a light on (we will get better as we go along). There were no terrorist in the house though, only saran wrap in random places. U. Timmy said there would be retaliation, but we didn’t know when. Three days later a very bad smell was coming from my car and a mystery spot showed up in my garage…the smell was horrible and getting worse. I found an 18″ catfish with nice little shrimp duct taped and lodged in my bumper. Very, very smelly. That was good Uncle Timmy.

The mystery spot (well now its not such a mystery).

How Much Do You Think You Can?

3 12 2006

In order to step forward you have to step OUT. We all have times in our life that we feel like we can take it to the next level. We see where we need to be but can’t quite get to it. We never seem to arrive. But that is a good thing. The point is not have you arrived, but are you arriving. Are you pushing yourself beyond what you did yesterday; one more rep, one more step, one more…well I cant think of a third thing. I may be the only one but in my workout routine I break down the 25 roman chair ab reps into 2 sets of 10 and one set of 5 that I do back to back (I’m really doing 25 in a row but it is easier for me to think in smaller steps). But recently I have pushed myself by counting to 15 or 20 or even 25. What I am trying to do is to push my mental limit, to set the bar higher; I am setting myself up to be able to handle more. You can do more than you think you can…you just think you can’t.