Navigating Through This Site

26 11 2006

I was hoping to have separate pages for the main purpose of this site, random blogging and books I’m reading or listening too…but I don’t think it works like that. So I have organized everything in nice neat categories for you to look through, it will help make sense of my train of thought. Just look on the right side of the page and click the category you want to look at. It’s that simple!

The War Begins!

26 11 2006

The changing of the guard, the old becomes new. This Thanksgiving the cousins of the Bailey family got together to begin what I think will be an ongoing prank war with the uncles. It was me, my wife, my brother Patrick and cousins, Jack, Tabitha, and Veronica. It started out just going to the house to watch a movie, but on the ride over we had a brain storm on how we could prank our Uncle Timmy (a prankster himself). Well, we pulled some strings, found out his garage code, and made our way inside. All it took was a little bit of saran wrap, painters tape, a doorway, a refrigerator and a pair of shoes…Genius! If only we had 10 fog machines and a machine that puts beaks on people (thanks jack).

THE CULPRITS [Me, the beautiful one, Patrick, Jack (don’t be fooled by the tie), Tabitha and Veronica]:

THE VICTIMS [Aunt Angie (victim by association), and Uncle Timmy]: