22 11 2006

 Step Forward < Step Out < Step Closer

This is kind of been my tag line for my personal growth process for a while now. I have it saved on my ever changing desktop, so I always have it in front of me.

In order to step forward with your life you have to step outside of your box, outside of your comfort zone or where ever you are in life. But in order to step out effectively, you have to step closer to God. Stepping closer is when you will truly find more strength than you could ever find, just within yourself.

Step forward, but first, step out, but first, step closer.

Step Forward < Step Out < Step Closer



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31 01 2009
Time to Go off Air « Jamie Tobler

[…] I think this weblog had a good run.  It started with a prank on my uncle…and then didnt end so well for me after that.  You went on vacation with us, and when we got Shiloh and Sophie.  You all helped me choose a banner, and I shared with you about how to be a blogging BFF (even though I didn’t always follow the rules).  OH, thanks for  making my blog one of the top 20 fastest growing blogs on wordpress (for about a week).  You made that happen by going to my site over 1200 times in one day!  With everything said and done I hope that I was able to do what I originally set out to do, and that was to help you and me to step forward < step out < step closer. […]

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