Time to Go off Air

31 01 2009

Well I think its that time. The  past 6 month now has been a struggle, hassle and frustration in my life to keep my blog up to date.  And as much as I enjoy having a blog and the idea of writing something that will change the way you view life…or change the way you view my life…I am going to take a sabbatical from blogging.  Not sure how long it will last or if this is retirement but I will keep the blog open just because.  You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook

I think this weblog had a good run.  It started with a prank on my uncleand then didnt end so well for me after thatYou went on vacation with us, and when we got Shiloh and SophieYou all helped me choose a banner, and I shared with you about how to be a blogging BFF (even though I didn’t always follow the rules).  OH, thanks for  making my blog one of the top 20 fastest growing blogs on wordpress (for about a week).  You made that happen by going to my site over 1200 times in one day!  With everything said and done I hope that I was able to do what I originally set out to do, and that was to help you and me to step forward < step out < step closer.

Thank you.

Costa Rica Update

11 01 2009

Well there is nothing new to tell…But I did get this picture from Carlos.  Everyone is going good.  The thumbs up says so.

More Life Outside of TV

9 01 2009

The TV is still off.  And in fear of being too transparent I have noticed one thing about myself…I’m boring, almost characterless.  And if someone were to ask me “What do you like to do?”  I couldn’t say, I play the guitar, piano, photography, sports, exercising, kite flying, balloon popping, skydiving, blowing up stuff, creating things, art, reading or the like.  Maybe im not thinking hard enough but I think I let TV consume so much of my life that if someone were to ask me “What do you like to do?”  I would have to say TV.  Which is kind of embarrassing.  is that what I like to do in my spare time…that’s my hobby, that’s what shapes me?  I don’t want that to be part of my definition.  Don’t mistake this rant on this part of my life to mean I am not passionate about anything except TV.  I love my family and Church, my ministry, traveling, God.  I believe that God didn’t create us to be at church all the time (this is not a complaint about the time I spend at church), I think He wants us to enjoy all aspects of life.  There is so much in this world to be discovered, not just by other people or for other people but for you as well.  I have a great life, and all I want to do is find out how can I make it even more rewarding.  How can I be all that God has created me to be.  All I needed to do was cut out TV, just to see all that is around me.

**Costa Rica Update**

Vanessa Sanchez posted some pictures on her facebook of what the earthquake did to Fe Y Amor.  It looks like it was just the tile that fell.  It looks bad but I dont think anything major happend to the church…Continue to pray for them in the search and rescue efforts and the clean up and rebuilding.


across from Fe Y Amor

across from Fe Y Amor


Inside Fe Y Amor

Inside Fe Y Amor


Fe Y Amor Clean Up.  Still work to be done

Fe Y Amor Clean Up. Still work to be done

Earthquake in Costa Rica

8 01 2009

Be sure to Pray for Costa Rica. There was a 6.1 earthquake in Costa Rica today. I spoke with Carlos and he said “it felt like a train hit his house.” He also said it is impossible to get up to Cinco Esquines right now because of some land slides that happened right across the street from the Church we helped a couple of years ago. Carlos spoke with Siena and she said the roof at Fe Y Amor fell in. Im not sure of the exact damage but pray for the church and for the people up in the mountains. I believe the search parties will find everyone they need to find

Dont Be Skeered

6 01 2009

I remember when I first gave my life to Christ I gave up a lot of what I thought brought me happiness. Stereo system, turntables…my bed. I think I slept on the floor for about 6 months if not more. It was difficult at first but afterwards It felt good. It felt good to just be free of needing stuff. I like knowing that stuff does not control my life.   Paul said I have lived with and with out (I know he says it but I cant seem to find it…can anyone help me out?)…

In this time when people are afraid to lose the house, car and lifestyle they have worked so hard for, maybe its time they scaled back and gave away all that stuff they thought they needed. Sometimes I need a dramatic change in my life so I can get everything out of the way and find out what is really important in life.  If your afraid to lose a lifeless object, maybe its time to give it away before you do lose it.  In 100 years it will be gone and so will you, its really not that important.

Turning off the TV

5 01 2009

Wow WordPress has changed…Ive been gone so long its like a brand new experiance.

I was taking a shower and thinking like I normally do…(think that is, not take a shower) and I felt the urge to fast.  Not a food fast, although I think I’m due for one any day now, but a TV fast.  I know that fasting (not watching) TV is not a true fast, its something that I should be in control of anyways.  I need a dramatic change from that routine so I can get some priorities back as priorities. It may seem easy, but really this comes at a crazy time.  Jack Bauer is about to kick some terrorist butt (after taking a year off!), the people of  Lost will be trying to get lost again, and all the other shows are going to start finishing their seasons.  :/ Not sure how long this is going to last.  It could be until Thursday or it could be a month or many months…we will see.

I made  a list of what I want to see happen while the TV is turned off.  One of them is to blog…so you should be seeing me on here again.  Ok here we go…

Something cool that Xerox is doing

8 12 2008

Check out the LWFC outreach blog. Xerox is doing something pretty cool. http://www.growingourcommunity.blogspot.com